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We are a family of four from New Zealand and full-time slow travel is our JAM. We have explored the world far and wide and have found many ways to do it sustainably. Our mission here is to help you develop your responsible travel game.

Our blog is dedicated to inspiring other families to travel full-time. We want to show you how to prepare and budget for slow travel. And we are super keen to share with you, everything we know about how you can find authentic travel experiences, off the beaten path, with kids.

We world-school our two girls and have seen them thrive in this approach to education. I’m a qualified early childhood educator and am here to tell you… take the jump… you can do this… it’s not as scary as you might think.


what is slow travel?

I’m so glad you asked! Slow travel means digging deeper for authentic experiences, connecting with people and culture. Slow travellers take the time to really be immersed in the community of a destination. They learn not just about people and place but also make deep life changing discoveries about themselves. It means shifting perspective from tourist to traveller.

thinking about full-time travel?

Find answers to all your questions right here in one handy blog. We share everything we know and have learnt so far about travelling full-time as a family. From topics such as the logistical stuff such as destinations & packing, to money stuff like income revenue & budgeting, through to world-schooling & safety. Click this link for all the juicy details!

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