Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a boy!


Sorry I haven't updated for a while.

We did take another trip since the last time I posted--to Visalia/Sequoia and Valencia. I meant to post about it, but since I haven't yet, I probably won't. You can read about my fear of plunging off a cliff in Sequoia in my post at, though.

We also took a trip (by plane) to Illinois in August, but the rest of our time was spent waiting for the new baby to arrive.

I'm pleased to announce that baby Oliver made his appearance on September 21. He was born (as planned) in a pool in our back yard, surrounded by flora and fauna. Hey, maybe he'll be an outdoorsy type!

So far (knocking on a huge chunk of wood) he is a very easy-going baby. He rarely cries, and although he wakes up a few times a night to eat, he falls right back asleep. Elias and Anna adore him, too.

We don't have any trips planned for now, but when we do, Oliver will be ready with his vintage-trailer blankie (pictured above).

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  1. !! Just saw this! Congratulations! He's so cute! We finally sold our house. Closing is Monday. Camper is packed. We are plopping down in Eastern CT (About an hour from our present home) for the winter...ugh...while hubby finishes some work he committed to. Then, hopefully, on the road. Took a beating on the house, but it is gone, to two nice people, so we feel happy about it. Hope soon you can travel and get the new guy ready. :)